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Spring Renewal

Spring in Southern California is kind of a joke. We have “perfect” weather year-round. California’s subtleties in seasonal cycles can make it difficult to differentiate between the months. You have to go through the darkness to see the light, right? Figuratively, we don’t have that “darkness.” At the risk of sounding unappreciative, sometimes it’s hard to appreciate that beautiful day outside because we can trust that it’ll be there tomorrow and the day after. At least that’s how I feel.

My point is, it’s easy to fly by the seasons doing the exact same things when you live in a place that doesn’t obviously display its seasons. But I’ve made it a point of mine to change my actions/attire/perspective seasonally. That’s why I’ve planted a colossal amount of seeds. Even if spring is practically year round, it’s finally that time of year! So I went a little overboard at Home Depot and Orchard the other day. I always feel so dorky when I talk about plants, like I’m “too young” to be gardening. Then I realized that it doesn’t actually matter because at the end of the day, you’ve got to be unabashedly YOU.


Yep. This happened. I usually never buy/plant any thing other than herbs, succulents and ferns. I’m branching out (puns)! I’ve decided to grow more vegetables and flowers. I used to think flowers were frivolous on such a small balcony but I’ve changed my mind. Flowers are awesome. Some flower seeds I got were Foxgloves, which are TREMENDOUSLY BEAUTIFUL and definitely too big for my balcony, Zinnias, Poppies, Baby’s Breath, Lupine and a few more. I also got more vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard, lettuces, arugula, malabar spinach, etc. AND herbs, as usual. Here are some herbs I cut today from my balcony.

Rosemary, grapefruit mint, chives, dill and parsley

Rosemary, grapefruit mint, chives, dill and parsley

I bought the 72 pod Greenhouse Jiffy kit from Home depot and put some seeds in! I was wondering how to label the seeds so I used some plastic-y tabs and wrote on them with permanent marker and devised a little organizational system to make sure I don’t mix them up.

seeds at www.ecospired.com

seeds at www.ecospired.com


At first, this was the container I was using. Jokes! It’s too small. So that’s when I bought the 72 pod container and transferred these guys over (that’s why you’ll see that there are a couple of already-sprouted rows).

seeds at www.ecospired.com

What do you think? I’m so excited for these little guys to grow. My balcony/apartment will be a complete jungle. No complaints here!

Sushi, my little parakeet

Sushi, my little parakeet

This is my bird, Sushi. Don’t ask about the name. Named her 13 or so years ago! Ironic that I never had tried sushi at the time that I named her, and no longer eat sushi now…

terrarium at www.ecospired.com

Also, I got bored with the moss terrarium so I took some of Sushi’s bird seeds and just threw them in the terrarium. They’ve sprouted. Surprise!

Lastly, this is some seaweed concentrate that I got for the plants from Orchard. It’s apparently really great for the soil and foliage of plants and apparently keeps bugs from infesting your plants because they don’t like the taste. We’ll see!

seaweed concentrate for gardening!

seaweed concentrate for gardening!

Have you started planting yet? Spring cleaning? Let me know!


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Look Ma, No Vertical Blinds!

Vertical blinds are hideous, and pretty much all (affordable?) rentals are equipped with them. I would definitely rather the windows be naked than to have to deal with that mess. Anyway, after a year of living in this apartment, I finally decided to take them out of my living room. I had taken them out of my room and replaced them with curtains a year ago, but I still needed to replace them in the living room. Of course, I also decided to give myself a manicure last night, which really only happens, like, once a year, because of this little inconvenience (hint: musicians usually shouldn’t wear nail polish), so they’re already chipped from all the nailing and hand-drilling. Cool.

Being super original and totally eclectic, I decided to go with white curtains. Oh, the surprise. In my defense, I hadn’t gotten my black couch yet, so I went neutral. It’ll just give me more opportunities to add more sht to make them more interesting, like the tassels from yesterday, which I am strongly considering for these plain curtains. Black tassels? Red? Green?

This project wasn’t particularly green, but it needed to be done (although, the curtains weren’t made of plastic, which I guess is a given because they’re not shower curtains…).  So, I got plain white curtains from Ikea.

Here’s how ugly the apartment looks with vertical blinds (I didn’t manage to get a picture of the other window, because apparently I was too excited to rip them down):


Now, check me out:



How’s that for some ghetto iphone photos?


They all look like the same picture, but I wanted to show them off. Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to get these to turn out bright, even though the lighting was behind the shot? (A while).

After I did all this work (at this point, my biceps are HUGE! not), I was clearly out of it. I have this maidenhair fern that I won’t stop talking about (and here’s a pic),


and I usually spray it with water because it likes the humidity. Today, however, I reached for the spray bottle and dowsed it before realizing that the leaves looked bubbly, which is weird, because water doesn’t usually DO THAT. Welllll, it was Simple Green cleaning solution. So, this poor plant, which was suffering earlier and finally coming back to life, has been seriously confused today. So like any plant-obsessed person, I hosed it off in the shower.

Also, this is the water I’m drinking right now, which I assume is really intriguing to you.


I do have to say though, I got 4 of these 100% recycled glasses a week ago. I love the look of 100% recycled glass. Also, those are mint leaves from my balcony garden in my water. I’ve become such a diva that I can’t drink water without organic matter in it. Los Angeles has totally gotten to me.

Have a lovely thirsty thursday.


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My “New” Chesterfield Sofa

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted… I am aware, sorry not sorry ok maybe a little sorry. Anyway, it’s not my fault that I found the coolest most perfectest Chesterfield sofa on craigslist that is stunning and NOW MINE! I’ve been on the lookout for a sofa for a while, because my current roommate is moving out soon and she brought all of the couches with her.

Anyway, this couch is stunning. It’s a black Chesterfield sofa. In layman terms, it’s tufted (like, buttons that are pushed into the couch) and has rounded ‘arms’.  It’s leatherette, which I thought was great, considering it’s extremely environmentally inefficient (and sad for the cows) to use leather for such things… I’ll be the first to say that I do sometimes get leather products, but I try to make sure I buy them secondhand. Buying secondhand is a great way to be environmentally friendly. We have enough crap already produced in the world.  The less products we produce, the less pressure we put on the environment. Simple. We use SO MUCH water, pesticides and fossil fuels just to produce 1 article of clothing. Just to make 1 pair of jeans, it takes 1,800 gallons of water. Crazy, right? So don’t be a snob to Goodwill or Craigslist. They’re good for you!

Back to the couch. It’s a little worn out on the seats, but what can you do? Hide it with pillows. Isn’t that why people have pillows on their couch anyway?

This couch is integral as the first step to transform my little apartment from blah to aha!  I’m too exhausted to go through the dramas I went through to get this couch, but maybe I’ll say them later.

Here’s an overly-glorified (and fake-looking) stock photo of what I got.

ImageHere’s an actual picture of the couch in my apartment:


With this 4th couch in our living area, we literally look like we live in a sofa showcase room. Not for long!

In other news, JoAnn(s) is having a huge sale on everything. Literally, I think the majority of the store is 40-70% off until June 15th. Check it out! I got these new pots, each under 10 dollars (don’t mind the crappy picture quality!) I especially like the last pot shown:


Does anyone know the name of the above left plant? I can’t remember the name, and when I bought it, it only said that it was a “houseplant.”IMG_2439For this little pineapple, I planted an Aloe Vera hybrid. It’s so thorny and sassy. I love it.

Next post is about the vermicompost, I promise! I know y’all have been waiting for it… right?

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