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E(ART)H letters

Today we’ll talk about 2 of my favorite things. In one word. Although I’ve seen the concept of “Art” in “Earth” before, it seems perfectly fitting for me and all that I’ve been studying. The harp (my art) and the environment (…the earth). Plus, it’s so freaking hard to ever decide what word you’re going to spell out when you’re picking out letters at the store, so when I came up with “EARTH” I knew that I had to put it up on my wall.  Is it cheesy? Yes. Do I care? Not even a little.

First of all, I really believe that just seeing the word “EARTH” will remind me that:

1. I’m a miniscule, teeny-tiny, itty-bitty part of a huge planet so:

2. My problems are not that big of a deal and therefore:

3. Take care of the earth because you’re only a constituent of it, not the freaking owner.

and “ART” is one of many experiences that makes my existence meaningful.

So let’s begin! This is extremely easy. I’ve actually been holding onto these letters for a while–I was meaning to do a different project with them (ie using mosaics) but decided to just paint them because honestly who has the time for mosaics nowadays?

E(ART)H at

E(ART)H at

In progress!


  • Paper Mache letters. Made out of 100% recycled paper! You can buy them here (or at any craft store, really).
  • Paint Brushes
  • PAINT!
  • Optional (for easy hanging): elmer’s glue, nails and a hammer.

This project is extremely simple but fun, and also ecospired (naturally! [pun intended])

Materials for Letters at Materials for Letters at


  • Paint letters.
  • Optional: If you’d like to hang the letters like I did, a really easy way is to take off the plastic tab that is glued on the letter. Then, move the tab down half an inch (so the tab doesn’t stick out from the top) and glue it there using elmer’s glue.. Then, you can just hang it from there (using nails and a hammer). I would’ve taken a picture but because the tabs are clear, they don’t show up well.

E(ART)H at

E(ART)H Letters at

E(ART)H Letters at

I’d paint everything gold if I had the chance.

I painted the sides of the “ART” off white to make the letters “pop” off the wall and to give them definition. Don’t ask why I painted “X”s on the E and the H. I wanted to paint polka dots instead but I was too lazy.

E(ART)H Letters at


E(ART)H Letters at



What do you think? Have you jumped on the letters bandwagon yet? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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I Win the Award for “Biggest Consumer of Recycled Glass”

If there was such a competition, I’d definitely win.

As much as I love poking fun at Anthro (clearly), I still love them. Kinda like when you’re crushing on someone but instead of admitting it, you make fun of the person. This may just be the 5 yr old thing to do but I apparently haven’t grown out of it. Okay, I’m admittedly a sassy person so I do this to pretty much everyone, regardless of whether or not I’m crushin.

I bought these “Effervesce Stemless Wine Glasses” from Anthro after seeing my best friend get one (I had no idea what “Effervesce” was so I had to look it up. Still confused). I wanted to get them a couple of months ago, but it’s one of those things where it’s hard to justify buying more of something (for 8 bucks each) when you already have enough, but when you see someone else do it, it’s totally justified. I dunno. But they’re made of recycled glass, which I’m clearly (PUN!) obsessed with. I think I write about recycled glass in every one of my blog posts. Talk about ecospired, huh?? I can’t get enough.

It’s a little too early to pour wine in them (it’s about 3pm here), and I’m by myself (party for one?) so I’ve been drinking water out of them. It’s amazing how much more water you’ll drink when you buy pretty glasses…

I bought four but I’m using the other one and didn’t feel like cleaning it for the photo, so here are the other three. I shelled out 34 dollars for these, but no one ever said drinking alcohol was cheap! …or something.

Anthropologie's Recycled Wine Glass


This may come as a total shock to you, but I also have a couple of these recycled glasses from Anthro:

Anthropologie's Euro Milk Glasses

But I bought those a year ago, so they’re practically vintage now.


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