A $15,000 Stick.

Brace yourselves for another Anthropologie rant. They’ve really outdone themselves this time around!

Here’s a stick from Anthropologie. It’s not just any stick! The stick can make sounds! It’s called the “iTree.”

The bad news? It costs 15,000 DOLLARS. But guess what lovelies! It’s now 80% off, for a measly 3,000 dollars.

image from Anthropologie.com

image from Anthropologie.com

I appreciate the ecospiration (how’s that for a new word?) but seriously Anthro… after your “Glamping” debacle, you’re taking this too far! Still love you guys, though.

I know you must price your inventory for the shock value–right?


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One thought on “A $15,000 Stick.

  1. jayme marie says:

    That is absolutely insane! I always laugh when I see sticks and other found objects ridiculously priced in stores – when you can simply go for a hike in the woods and salvage your own repurposed treasures. Yikes!

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