Look Ma, No Vertical Blinds!

Vertical blinds are hideous, and pretty much all (affordable?) rentals are equipped with them. I would definitely rather the windows be naked than to have to deal with that mess. Anyway, after a year of living in this apartment, I finally decided to take them out of my living room. I had taken them out of my room and replaced them with curtains a year ago, but I still needed to replace them in the living room. Of course, I also decided to give myself a manicure last night, which really only happens, like, once a year, because of this little inconvenience (hint: musicians usually shouldn’t wear nail polish), so they’re already chipped from all the nailing and hand-drilling. Cool.

Being super original and totally eclectic, I decided to go with white curtains. Oh, the surprise. In my defense, I hadn’t gotten my black couch yet, so I went neutral. It’ll just give me more opportunities to add more sht to make them more interesting, like the tassels from yesterday, which I am strongly considering for these plain curtains. Black tassels? Red? Green?

This project wasn’t particularly green, but it needed to be done (although, the curtains weren’t made of plastic, which I guess is a given because they’re not shower curtains…).  So, I got plain white curtains from Ikea.

Here’s how ugly the apartment looks with vertical blinds (I didn’t manage to get a picture of the other window, because apparently I was too excited to rip them down):


Now, check me out:



How’s that for some ghetto iphone photos?


They all look like the same picture, but I wanted to show them off. Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to get these to turn out bright, even though the lighting was behind the shot? (A while).

After I did all this work (at this point, my biceps are HUGE! not), I was clearly out of it. I have this maidenhair fern that I won’t stop talking about (and here’s a pic),


and I usually spray it with water because it likes the humidity. Today, however, I reached for the spray bottle and dowsed it before realizing that the leaves looked bubbly, which is weird, because water doesn’t usually DO THAT. Welllll, it was Simple Green cleaning solution. So, this poor plant, which was suffering earlier and finally coming back to life, has been seriously confused today. So like any plant-obsessed person, I hosed it off in the shower.

Also, this is the water I’m drinking right now, which I assume is really intriguing to you.


I do have to say though, I got 4 of these 100% recycled glasses a week ago. I love the look of 100% recycled glass. Also, those are mint leaves from my balcony garden in my water. I’ve become such a diva that I can’t drink water without organic matter in it. Los Angeles has totally gotten to me.

Have a lovely thirsty thursday.


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