Lazy Days…for Days.

I’ve been pretttttty lazy lately. But this is some of the stuff that I’ve done in the past few days so hopefully that counts for something.

I wanted to get some new curtains to replace my plain white ones, but then realized that I shouldn’t; part of being green means working with what you have, right? Upcycling, as we say. So I decided to add tassels to them, as any logical person would do.  JK. But tassels are easy to make, fun, and trendy. I kind of jankily made each one with Sugar and Cream yarn (the cheap kind at JoAnn’s) and wrapped them with different colors of embroidery thread. Then, I hand-sewed them (again, pretty jankily) onto the curtains, about 3.5 inches apart from each other. What do you think?


(It’s surprisingly hard to take pictures of curtains because the lighting’s behind the window… but I tried.)


If you’d like me to explain how I made my tassels a little better, let me know. 🙂

I also got these super coool things from a thrift store in Orange County when I was down at my parents’ house (admittedly, on Fathers’ Day.. sorry dad. Although, I did make him a moss terrarium for Fathers’ Day so I hope that counts for something).


Loooove these funky sixties/seventies grapes.  I love the drift wood/acrylic combo.


Taking photos of mirrors are so problematic. Whatever, ferns are cool.


I’ve started rereading one of the books that was required for one of my grad courses in Environmental Studies (and partially reading for the first time, let’s be real). I know that it’s summer and it’s weird that I’m even considering opening up a textbook, but this book is seriously awesome. I even took the time to bold that, so you should take me seriously. Anyway, it’s an especially great book if you’re into environmental politics and policy (who would have thought). I’m challenging myself to read it all the way through this summer. I’ll let you know if that actually happens.

I’ve started drilling holes to add knobs to our cabinets, as well as figured out how to attach a swivel hook from the ceiling in order to hang a DIY project. I’m finishing the final touches on this DIY project that I am SO EXCITED to show you guys. It’s amazing, if I do say so myself. I’ll show you guys once I get my hands on a better camera than my really ghetto iphone (trust me, it’s bad). Till then!


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One thought on “Lazy Days…for Days.

  1. […] It’ll just give me more opportunities to add more sht to make them more interesting, like the tassels from yesterday, which I am strongly considering for these plain curtains. Black tassels? Red? […]

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