Hi world!

Hi world! First post! So exciting.

So I guess I should introduce myself now. 🙂 I live in LA and I’m a student at USC. I’m a female by the name of Daria, (like the MTV show in the 90s–and although I’m admittedly as sassy as Daria Morgendorffer, but I’m also REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT LIFE). Anywho, I graduated yesterday (AHH!) with a Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance (weird, I know) and a minor in Environmental Studies. However, it’s not the real world for me quite yet, as I’ll be continuing with my master’s in Environmental Studies at USC.

SO– here’s my deal. For this blog/website/whatever I’ll be talking about different DIY projects and my feelings.  I’m obsessed with DIY, and with home & outdoor design. However, my main focus is DIY with an environmentally-conscious focus (hence- “ecospired”). I like to upcycle things that have little value and are probably going in the trash anyway- or something that just needs some extra TLC.  I’m also planning on writing about different environmentally-friendly options and practices. You know, whatever.

Let’s DO this!

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One thought on “Hi world!

  1. You have a lovely blog here. I am your newest follower!

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